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Old 12-01-2019, 01:08 AM
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Default Another Bucket Lister Scratched Off the List

My post last week talking about my epic month was posted a week early….. my epic streak continued

Last weekend I finished up the very small lot and went driving around searching for new turf to plunder. Being that we had a category 5 hurricane rip my town to pieces last year there are a ton of open lots especially in the older parts of the area. I found a spot that a bulldozer had recently scraped clean that used to be full of old magnolia trees with a building in the back half of the lot. Lucky for me the owners were on site and told me to get it all because 60 loads of dirt were coming soon burring everything. I had less than an hour to left to hunt so I went into prospecting mode.

The grounds were saturated with scrap metal and 100+ years of nails so I needed a game plan. The ground in the back half where the building once stood had so much junk it wasn’t swingable so I knew where to concentrate. Noisy is a huge understatement but thankfully the NOX can handle grounds saturated with iron so I was able to find good signals. On the first hole I found out just how bad the ground was; the pin pointer kept screaming on nail after nail until I found my target. At least 5 nails per hole and most of them were small roofing nails. The hour went quick but I found a Merc which meant the property had potential.

On Sunday morning I hit the property at sunrise and started swinging. To compensate for the huge amount of scrap and nails, I had to swing extremely slow which resulted in hitting some real old wheaties. Then BOOM – I just hit my bucket lister Barber dime which started off the epic week. After about 6 hours of hard digging I happily called it quits for the day. In total I accumulated a several silvers, an Indian, and an extremely rare token (German American Lumber Company). I was able to get out again on Wednesday morning where I repeated the hunt with silvers and old coins. The perfect 1898 Indian in the pic below was on the top of the ground!!!!!!!! I would have taken a pic but never would have thought it coin was an Indian!!!! Friday morning was the same except this time I found the perfect Barber on the top of the ground – seems unbelievable but it’s the truth and I can’t understand why/how a 100-year-old coin is on the surface.

This morning I hit the same spot again expecting it would be hunted out but I kept swinging in different directions and digging iffy signals. The first good coin was the 1917 buffalo nickel shown in the pic. It’s second buff I’ve ever dug so I was quite pleased to dig the coin. Another hour or more passed with digging junk and nails with only a crusty Indian added to show for my efforts when I dug my next crappy sounding high tone. Once digging the hole and clearing all the nails I found another big round “whats-it” in the bottom of the hole. I took a pic just in case it was something good but when picking it up it didn’t wipe clean like normal silver – just very crunchy/rusty round disc. I was about to toss it in with the garbage but then I saw a small portion with a reeded edge…..BOOM another big coin!!! With practically no clad being dug I was quite hopeful it was silver but I also know that silver is never that crusted. The hunt ended with just those good 3 coins and 40 pounds of nails…

Once home I grabbed the CLR to give the coin a bath – only some of the crust came off so I grabbed the pliers to start crunching and scraping off the crust and rebathing. It slowly worked revealing the coin in the pics…

I pulled 12 silvers in total but only took pics of the best. I don’t know if I’m going back again since the hunts are so painful digging so many nails, but it might produce some more coins……
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Old 12-01-2019, 02:09 AM
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Seems worth hitting until it’s filled in. Looks like a good take from there. I hear you on digging junk though. Hours on hours of that will wilt your soul.

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Old 12-06-2019, 01:49 AM
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Congrats on the great finds, Rob! Especially the walking liberty half!


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Old 12-06-2019, 09:01 PM
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Whats up with the sun on your half. Are those marks coincidental, or did someone scratch them into it? Nice finds!

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