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Old 05-16-2020, 01:20 PM
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Default seeking permissions out in the country farmland question

I have read a lot about getting permissions. I live in North Atlanta and Atlanta is tough. Most good areas are covered by concrete, buildings, or nice lawns where the home owner dislikes moles, gophers and giving permission to dig to detectorists.

But lucky for me up the I-75 corridor from Atlanta to Chattanooga General Sherman followed the railroad down from Chattanooga to Atlanta and had more than a few skirmishes and full fledged battles with his 100,000 troups.

Probably the best areas of the state to find Civil War relics.

But one problem. It seems to me that if you are not friends with or relatives of the farm/land owner you will likely get a no as being an outsider. Now this is just conjecture on my part for my only permission in that area came from a friend of a friend.

Any suggestion for a non-good old boy getting permissions in the good old boy area of Georgia?

I am not saying these landowners are rednecks or hicks, they are just good people who stick together. They might well turn a skeptical eye from an outsider from Atlanta.

My only thought would be to contact some metal detecting club members in that area, but why would they want to share their hunting grounds with a stranger?

Any experience in this area would be welcome if you shared it with me.
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