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Old 02-15-2020, 09:07 PM
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Originally Posted by maxxkatt View post
eBay is a true auction with or without shill bidders you pay more here than Amazon typically.

Amazon is a bidding war between sellers that force the price down. I am an Amazon seller. The Amazon seller with the best performance rating and lowest price including shipping is usually the winner.

I have been an Amazon seller for probably 15 years. Over the years they have really tightened down on performance requirements for all sellers. Any seller that lets their performance metrics fall below what Amazon requires will likely lose their account for a long time and it is very difficult to get your account back or even create another one.

Amazon does not need and specific seller but really needs lots of buyers and the buyer is king on Amazon.

Amazon seller metric are many and almost impossible to fake or get around. same with Amazon warehouse workers. their performance is constantly monitored by Amazon software and they are even sent termination notices by same said software if they don't meet the Amazon requirements.

Tough being an Amazon warehouse worker these days.
Interesting info, we buy regularly from Amazon, and while a fair price definitely is a top factor in deciding whether to buy something, the customer reviews rating is very very important too, I usually tend to avoid products that have less than a 4 out of 5 star review, I might be somewhat more willing to make an exception if it is an inexpensive item, but even then I'd like it to be at least something like 3.7 stars or higher.

I've read where some think some reviews can be fake and untrustworthy, but I would hope Amazon has a way of keeping fake reviews at a minimum.

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