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Old 05-12-2022, 05:19 PM
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Default 30 years ago...

I retrieved these bottles from a basement in Brentwood , Ca. The land of movie stars , etc. This home was built in the early 1900s is my guess. All the doorways were very small. I had to walk down a small dirt path around the back , and overgrown bushes partially covered the small door. Immediately inside was a very , very old solid , one piece 4 legged table that appeared to be put in place before the door was built as there was no way to get it out. Except for the very top , it appeared to have deep chiselled marks all over it. Looked like it was carved from a solid tree trunk. It was a large cellar/basement and dirt , bottles everywhere. Some still had booze in them. I saw bottles dated through the 1960s. There were hundreds of bottles. I just grabbed these as they were old and looked cool. I know nothing about bottles. The oldest , once had a full label on it , but was torn in half somehow amongst my many moves. The label read something to the effect of "Dieux Champagne 1811". Another appeared to be from an auction house. Any help , info , value , etc on these would be appreciated. I'm tired of carrying these around in a box. Thinking about the old bottle more , it might have said "Chateux". ThanksName:  20220512_135519.jpg
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Old 05-13-2022, 08:11 PM
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The Old McBrayer looks to be 1916 whiskey that was bottled in the 30s. See this link to one that sold at auction for $160 (probably for the contents not the bottle). The bottle is kinda neat that the label is intact, most are shot when dug.

The big green one with the kickup on the bottom looks foreign, and is probably older but I can't see any bubbles or imperfections in the glass (though if there is it would be older). Most of the time, old booze bottles are not big $ but are window bottles or decorator bottles, unless you get back to TOC or earlier flasks with slugplate markings. If these still had all the contents today they would be big buck$.

"Digging up the past - one bottle at a time since 1969"

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Old 05-13-2022, 10:04 PM
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Thanks for all the info GH. I should have spent more time looking there. I saw some bottles that appeared to have never been opened from the 40s-60s. But the liquor looked gross. Lots of dirt , dust covered them all. But a large number just stacked , laying flat. The room was like a time capsule. If I would have known better and wasn't working....
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Old 05-16-2022, 12:32 AM
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Those are some cool old bottles. Wish I knew more about them
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