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Old 07-01-2022, 07:19 AM
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Smile Possible Cache

Well I recently gained permission for a yard in an unincorporated town, that MAY have a cache or two!!

Story Time:

A work friend I was speaking with at work said in 1985 her and her husband bought their house from a deceased mans kids. While the kids were removing his belongings they shared with my friend that they found hoards of jars and cans with silver coins and currency all over the house. She was hopeful that maybe he had buried some in the yard, so her husband went and bought a cheap metal detector to do some searching. Well we know how that went....they came up empty handed, probably due to the fact that they thought they could just unbox it and immediately find treasures. They gave up pretty quickly! Well fast forward 36 years to our conversation, I showed her and her husband all over the awesome silver and old copper coins and relics I have found and we struck a deal they are going to allow me to hunt their home property in hopes we can find the (possible) hidden hoards of treasure!!! They also own an old lot where the original one room church house sits. And a rental house that dates to late 1800s, the only stipulation that has been brought up is that we split any major finds that could make us rich I will be planning this trip soon and hope to have great pictures to share sometime later this month.

PS: if anyone has any tips id love to hear em because im new to cache hunting, i have read a ton of the threads in here gaining information.
I will be using an Equinox 600 but also have a CTX 3030 (i just got and have no idea how to run it. BEFORE YOU SAY ANYTHING I did buy Andys book and am currently trying to get my masters degree in "Minelab CTX 3030"

Anyways sorry for the long post Thanks

Edit: I had my dates wrong with her story I misunderstood her. she also reveled to me that he was old enough to be raised during the Great depression.!!

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Old 07-01-2022, 07:29 AM
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Well anything to a hoard size or can size is going to sing with even the most basic or cheap detector. I'd say slow and overlapping passes, use 10ft squares to cover every bit of space and not lose track, start in areas with references ie near a tree, off a pathway etc. Should be an easy hunt if anything is there.

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Old 07-01-2022, 11:40 AM
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Having done multiple posse-hunt stories like this (where the next-of-kin suspects something more is there), here's what I can tell you :

GET A 2-BOX DETECTOR !! Like a TM-808.

They only find objects @ soda can sized or bigger. About the smallest item you can detect (if you try really hard) is a tobacco tin sized object.

I realize that many people (like emuDetector did here) are going to say : A standard detector will find a jar sized item *just fine* . And they're perfectly Right ! In fact, a standard detector will get a jar sized object sometimes to just-as-deep as a 2-box detector, right ?

BUT THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAILS ! : If you have a standard detector, you will hear every single coin, pulltab, foil wad, nail, etc.... Right ? And sure, you can try to tell yourself: "I'll just mentally reject all small targets". But guess what will happen ? : Nagging doubts will send you digging a bunch of them "just to make sure". Because, let's be honest: A quarter at 2 inch can sound like a can at 2 ft.

So if you are truly searching for a suspected cache larger object, then your best bet is to have a machine that simply can not see small objects IN THE FIRST. The perfect discriminator to see right through individual coins, nails, tabs, etc... that are on the surface. Because it simply doesn't see them, in the first place.
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Old 07-08-2022, 11:31 AM
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My tip is to lower your expectations, but search on! Look to see if you can find the place on, and look for details in the older photos compared to newer ones. You might see evidence of what it used to look like; even long before the oldest aerial photos were taken. Maybe trees that used to be there, but aren't later...or an outhouse or shed, etc. Maybe a fenceline. It has been said that old timers who buried money often buried it out back where it was hidden, but they could see it from the house. Also under fence posts and behind buildings were common hiding places.
Good luck.
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Old 08-25-2022, 08:17 PM
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Only problem is finding a TM-808.
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