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Old 08-06-2018, 03:21 PM
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Originally Posted by El Cheapo View post
Update: The plan came together and I'm the new owner of NCtoad's F70 + NEL Hunter coil (see his 'sold my F70' post in this very forum). No one would ever call my technique 'speedy', but I'm confident that I'm good for a few dozen squats per hour at least. Every day can be leg day when you're detecting!

If it's half the machine it's been made out to be, I'll be selling my Eurotek Pro in the near future and the circle of life will continue. Thanks everyone, Mud and Toad in particular, and good hunting to all!
The F70 and Nel or Cors coils...they seem made for each other.
Sensitive, quieter and more stable.

"Went to the Air and Space Museum but nothing was there "

Currently hunting with an F70, a Mojave and a borrowed Red Racer.
Plus a Nox 800.

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