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Old 06-28-2022, 04:28 PM
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Originally Posted by markinswpa View post
Man you just don't get it. It has nothing to do with what legal and everything to do what is ethical. Grave robbing is considered taking anything from within the confines of a cemetery. Are you familiar with the tradition of leaving coins on a fallen soldiers grave ? Get caught taking one of those and see what happens.
I have never commented on one of your posts.

The reason, I remember your intro post where you said you didn't like digging or getting your hand dirty. I had you figured for a rodwad then and now you saying you hunt cemeteries confirms my original impression'

Its people like you that give this hobby a bad name and bring criticism en mass.
My hope is that enough members read you statements about hunting cemeteries and refuse to view or comment on any of you many posts. And there is no doubt, for you it all about, views, comments and attention and little to do with mding. And then help you to understand that you have pretty much worn your welcome out here and maybe you will go troll another forum.

You seem like an articulate man, somewhat educated but I doubt your vocabulary includes the word poultroon which come to mind when I think of you. Please don't go away mad. Just ??? You however get one distinction, I will use the ignore feature for the first time just in case you haven't got the subtle hints.
Unfortunately, someone with a deficit of morality who is brazen enough to detect in a cemetery is most likely going to go right up and search next to the headstones while looking behind their shoulder.
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