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Old 06-24-2022, 07:58 AM
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Originally Posted by Digalicious View post
There are 2 very important reasons a coin can give a high tone and high ID in one direction, and a low tone / low ID when swept at 90.

One, the coin is on edge or edged...and most coins in the ground are on edge or edged.

Two, the coin is right beside a low conductor.

Both of those reasons is why you hunt, then hunt again at 90. In other words, a high ID and tone usually means a high conductor, and it doesn't matter that you only get it in one direction. If you ignore targets that only have a high tone and high ID in one direction, then you're missing a significant amount of coins.

A good cherry picker will leave little behind. Sure, someone else can hunt the site at a later time and might find a coin or two, but that's going to require digging a massive amount of junk. Some might find that acceptable, but I sure the heck don't.

If you take a good cherry picker and more of a "dig all" detectorist and put them in a park like setting for a few hours, then the good cherry picker will walk out with mainly a bagful of coins, and the other will walk out with mainly a bagful of junk.
Go hunt some cane fields in Louisiana and it will change your mind about being able to cherry pick. The amount of trash and iron in those fields can overwhelm you. The flip side is, those fields have some real treasures. You won't find them though if you're trying to just cherry pick.

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