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Old 06-27-2020, 02:19 PM
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Default 3D Printing Accessories

I just 3D printed a few items that might help me whenever I am able to get started. I'm waiting for the release of the Garrett Ace Apex. It will take a little longer in Canada but in the meantime I bought the Garrett Pinpointer. I'm sure it will get knocked around a little so I went to Thingiverse where you can get files to print items if you have a 3D printer. It had this neat little extra and fits very snugly. I like the circular fins which will help scrape the dirt in more compact areas. You can get it here.
For specific items you can search for Garrett, Minelab, or anything that comes to mind. 3D printing is very time consuming though. The above piece took 1 hr and 28 minutes to print. I've included a ring holder for taking photos, and a coin holder to also assist in taking photos.
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Old 06-27-2020, 09:19 PM
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Hello and welcome to the forum.

Glad to see your having fun with your 3D printer. Yeah a few simple things related to the hobby are found online to make. Personally I only use pointer tips (forum member sells those) as pinpointers are not for digging, and I have trowels/shovels for that.

There are lots of other topics on the forum about 3D printing. For a larger list see this search. Here are a few of the more recent ones...

The problem is most that have 3D printers make things to sell, and spend many many hours to create finished designs, so few release any files for free which allows anyone to simply sell the items too. One custom seller lists his wares on eBay, and several items they offer are custom made. Your notice he does some effort in the cleanup process and does not list it is 3D printed. There are many others and are about everywhere online (Amazon, Etsy, etc) and every field/item imaginable but often do not advertise they are 3D printed due to the negative reaction to the items perceived strength/use by some. Plus what advantage is there in saying it's 3D printed? None. After all how many people ask if a item is injected plastic, latex molded, lost-wax cast, etc? No one.

A bit of cleanup and finishing after printing (XTC-3D/Bondo, trimming, sanding, painting, etc) and no one would know the true scale of items made by a 3D printer.

Time is relative for sure. Most prints I've done on my printers average between 8-14 hours. It all depends on the infill, resolution/nozzles, and obviously scale - and if multiples are printed at once to save time and fill the print bed. Other projects I have will be several hundred hours to complete, in pieces, and I am putting those off until I get much more experience.

I run FreeCAD, MatterHackers: MatterControl, and of course Ultimaker Cura for slicing. I've tried other programs but find them too expensive or limiting. I use PLA on my printers, but hope to move into ABS once I get more experience making my own designs first and get adequate ventilation for the fumes. I also have a CNC router for other projects, but due to the noise of running the CNC haven't played much with it.

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