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Old 06-12-2021, 07:34 AM
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Originally Posted by Tahtsadatsago View post
Hunting my own property resulted in a whole bunch of clad (mostly pennies).

I know how most of that clad got there...

Some 20-25 years ago my niece and nephew spent the summer with us and one day they were a bit restless so I handed them a large container full of change and told them to count it for me. They were sitting on the front steps and didn't know I was going to give them all the coins.

I didn't realize they weren't too thrilled with counting all that change - until I metal detected my front yard (years later) and found a whole bunch of coins. I figured they had tossed a good amount of the coins out in the yard, and confirmed it when I asked my niece about it. She was surprised that I discovered their act of retaliation all those years later.

My niece also told me how shocked they were when I gave them the coins they had actually counted (about $60 worth) - especially so since they knew (at that time) that they had thrown a bunch of coins away.

I don't recall, but I wouldn't be surprised to learn that they spent some time in the front yard trying to find all the coins they had tossed there once they knew the coins were theirs.
I have found a ton of pennies in my front yard, too. They range from wheats to coppers to plenty of many as 45+ in just one hole. My front yard is fairly small, too. I can tell that my front yard has some pretty old and undetected dirt (the Merc was from 1916 and I found a token in my front yard from around 1900).

I've tried detecting a few other houses on my block, but they're not as old and I've found far fewer coins there.

There is this other home on my block that's probably as old as mine, but is on a busy corner/intersection. If their front yard has the same ratio of coins as mine, I estimate there's about $2 in pennies and about 5 silvers. I think that'll be one of my next permissions...
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Old 06-12-2021, 12:07 PM
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granted this may be some what of a reach, but with the exception of "private yards"
single frequency detectors have been relegated (for the most part) to "clad getters" here in the east. multi-iq is definitely where it's at,as the technology is providing the "edge" needed to continue to slam public places on a continuing basis. I am finding "adequate" success in public places using the vanquish soil is "lightly mineralized" which by itself is a key factor with s.m.f., and the 540 is getting it done well enough for me to maintain a level of interest after being in the hobby for a long time.

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