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Old 06-07-2021, 07:03 AM
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Originally Posted by Skippy SH13 View post
Hey Tom, let me fix that for you.
Here is a real-life example of real diamonds in silver. I wear it on my right hand, except when detecting (it tends to catch on my nitrile gloves).

It's got .80 carats of stones in it. I built the ring myself with diamonds I found detecting.

The settings are rock solid, and I even had it checked out by a jeweler after I did the work. I've worn it daily for 2 years now. The jeweler said it used to be common to have silver hold diamonds, but people want to call it "white gold" and have rhodium plating these days. What's funny about my ring is that I had it rhodium plated, too. So, basically, the outside is the same as "white gold" but the innards is 925, instead of 14 or 10K.

Also, while not common, I wouldn't say diamonds in silver are super rare. I've found no less than a half-dozen silver rings with real diamonds (usually VERY small). One of them just last week (2nd pic). +Lots of silver pendants with diamonds in them (at least a dozen over the last 5 years).



I just found one this week too! I agree with Skippy. Mine was just a promise ring with 1/16th size pebble,but real! My great aunt who died a few years back put tape on hers as her hand shrunk. You wouldn't go through all that if it was fake etc. I haven't listened to a lot of conventional wisdom since I started. I believe what's in front of me and research vs old wives tales. Jewelers are now convincing men that tungsten is timeless and valuable too lol That being said,get a tester.

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