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Old 01-12-2020, 03:40 PM
arw40 arw40 is offline
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Default 925,Clad & A Few Rings

Woke up this morning here in upstate NY to 63 degrees at 7am...Wasnt gonna waste a day like this so loaded up the rig and headed to a nearby football field I didnt get to hit in my limited time. Let me just say that if I didnt find a thing it was great to be out in the fresh air with just a sweatshirt on here in January. It turned out to be a pretty good few hours out. I ended up collecting $12.29 in clad, a junk earring, a titanium ring and a nice little 925 ring. Just working both sidelines. The titanium ring fooled me. Numbers didnt budge on that and were in that gold range..I had a good feeling it was gonna be a good target until I flipped the plug to see that dark colored band. I`ll still take it, rings are always fun to find.

All in all it was nice to just get out and swing the coil...I took up thrifting last Winter to burn time with no detecting and cant seem to get away from that...I had a pretty good 10 months of that doing $15,100 in sales which equates to roughly $7500 pure TAX FREE profit in 10 months time. Pretty much working on a 50% margin. So, this has cut into my detecting but hey, who is gonna turn down $7500 tax free dollars ?? I do make 3-5 trips over to New Hampshire and Maine to work coastal beaches so everything there is all on the thrifting dime..LOL when it rains there I also thrift while im over there so it all works out well.

Anyways, Just wanted to check in on an early year hunt which is unusual for around here..Hope everybody enjoyed the holidays and has a great 2020 detecting..... HH !!
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Garrett AT Pro, Equinox 600, Pro Pointer, Stealth Scoop- 2020 clad $47.61 -, 925 -2 , -Gold -0 , Silvers - 0, Platinum - 0

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Old 01-12-2020, 07:22 PM
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All kinds of success surrounding you Andy. Glad that you took advantage of the unreal January weather for some detecting time. Congrats on a very nice clad count, the Sterling and the great funding project you have. Trapper

2020 85 Sil 6 Ster 0 IH 167 Wt $144.57 clad 2019 263 Sil 13 Ster 2 IH 446 Wt $341.8059 clad
2018 410 Sil 13 Ster 3 IH 663 Wt $367.01 clad 2017 107 Sil 6 Ster 2 IH 167 Wt $102.13 clad

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Old 01-12-2020, 10:00 PM
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Good job Andy!

You always seem to find extreme clad! Good looking rings too!
Yeah highly unusual to hunt in January. Take advantage of it

Nox dude

Nox 800/ATPro 2013-20 Total: $10,078.10 2020: $938.25/189 Silver Rings 14/ Silver Quarter 0 Silver Dime 1 Gold 1 Plat 0 925 0

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Old 01-13-2020, 05:09 AM
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Great finds. It was an awesome day in MA for the middle of January.
Continued success in 2020
Happy Hunting!

This hobby is heart approved......
One beep gets the blood pumping!

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Old 01-14-2020, 01:11 PM
Vermonster's Avatar
Vermonster Vermonster is offline
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Some nice jewelry there. Congrats!

2 V Nickels, 1 B. Nic, 3 IHP's, 10 Wheaties, 19 rings (1-Gold, 6-slvr), 4 Slvr coin (2 Seated Q's, 2 Morgans), Oldest: Mid-Late 1700s Chinese Cash Coin

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Old 01-14-2020, 02:17 PM
diggin4clad's Avatar
diggin4clad diggin4clad is offline
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Good hunt......Any hunt in the North East in January is a good one. Nice ring.....

Garrett AT MAX - Garrett ATPro - Garrett Ace 400 -White's Digmaster - Garrett Pro Pointer 2 - Garrett Z-Lynk AT ProPointer

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Old 01-14-2020, 03:30 PM
GroundSweeper's Avatar
GroundSweeper GroundSweeper is offline
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Dang nice hunting ARW! Cool looking ring.

EQX800, Dos Compadres : 2020 (Total (4/13 to date)) - Clad: $76.38 ($1050.37), Silver coins: 12 (38), Wheats: 38 (144), Gold: 1 (27), Plat: 0 (1), .925 8 (85), Rings: 14 (228), Oldest Coins: 1920 wheat, 1921 Ten Centavos Filipinas; Chinese cash coin

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