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Old 05-18-2018, 09:58 AM
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Default My first gold chain? AAARRGG. It was a FAKE!!!

From this thread:

EPIC FAIL... I went back out to the field to see if I could find the rest of it. I did. It was spread out across about 50 feet in a roughly straight line. each link I found was VERY exciting... until I got to the clasp portion. Lobster clasp had a nice little tag on it, and I looked for a halmark and gold stamp... Nothing, but a name and Trademark symbol. ???

When I looked it up, I found "Monet" jewelry is HIGH end costume jewelry that is literally TRIPLE PLATED. Triple. $(*&#(Q*#$. That explains why I filed down and still got streaking that didn't disappear in the acid. I was catching the edge of the plating still.

TRIPLE PLATED. Grrrr. The weirdest thing is that the metal is actually gold toned all the way through, too. But... Other than the triple plating, definitely NOT gold.

Ah well, it was fun while it lasted.

On the positive side, it shows that with some extra effort, those bits and pieces of jewelry can be found. Everyone of them was a scratchy signal (the links were bent and pulled apart, as shown in the photos). Was super cool to put it all together. Clearly, just a bracelet.

Also, I did manage another $6 in change, a challenge coin from Kunsan Korea, and two silver rings... so it's not like it was a bust... just less awesome than I faked myself into believing.
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Old 05-18-2018, 10:03 AM
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Ah, bummer. Still a nice find though.....

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