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Old 04-04-2020, 12:36 PM
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Very Nice find! I have a similar story I hope you all will enjoy.

Me, I'm new to all this. I just got my first metal detector two months ago and went out to
South Mountain reservation in New Jersey to test it out.

As I mentioned, I'm new to the hobby and didn't think to check online for rules and regulations, I just grabbed my gear and ran up to a place I had been fishing for over 30 years and gave my new Bounty Hunter a try.

I Hiked the road past the pond over to an abandoned building shown in the attached picture #2.

I found some pull tabs, a strip of brass shown in picture #1, and old pot, and other !!!!. but
I was happy just exploring and enjoying the outdoors. I was also learning to use my equipment(detector, hand held pin pointer)to
locate different items.

I was happy when I got home and excited to find a site where I might find something good.
I went online and did a search for the very first place I had gone camping.

About 35 years ago I was camping in the Worthington State Forest near the old Copper Mines on Old Mine Road.

I thought to myself, there must be old coins along the trails that area. I was kind of disappointed to learn that metal detecting in that area is forbidden and it is against the law to remove or even dig for artifacts.

Although disappointed, I was very happy I had learned the easy way, instead of being confronted by the law. So I began researching and found a ton of information and videos to bring me up to speed.

During my research I came across information about Morristown New Jersey.

by John Viola. In an article on the Skylands Visitor History page he wrote:

" Talking to people that remembered and examining old maps, I realized that most of the garbage that was dumped, was just dumped here and there—the Morristown High School field, Woodland Avenue, down Pocahontas in the Morristown hollow, and on the old George Washington School property."

This got me thinking about Metal Detecting the woods along Lake Pochahontas. So I took a trip one Saturday up to Morristown and parked in the free lot just across from the end of the lake by Martin Luther King Street. I crossed the road and hiked up Patriot's path to the side of Lake Pochahontas and began detecting in the woods just East of the NJ Transit Train Power Station.

I walked ten feet off the path, north towards the train tracks and put my bag down.
I began detecting there and getting targets all over. most turned out to be old rusted bottle tops. I realized quickly I had found a bottle dump.
(picture #4)

I began digging targets and unearthed a milk bottle with no damage, cracks or chips. i struggled to read the name that was very faded but could only make out an O.

I decided to keep the bottle and continue detecting twenty feet west of where I started. My next target turned out to be an old lightning rod shown in picture #5. Next I found part of an old gear I believe came from one of the mills along that area from the early 1900's. shown in picture #6.

After spending the next three hours detecting !!!!, I decided to return to the dump area 20 feet away and look for more bottles. I came up with the bottles shown in picture number 7-12.

three quart sized liquor bottles-two pints-three milk jars-and a vintage embossed 1-way beverages soda bottle.
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Old 04-05-2020, 06:19 PM
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Cool! And that old Dr Kilmers was one of my first nice digs back in the late ‘70’s.
Good luck on mining.
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Old 04-07-2020, 11:36 PM
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There may be faint 2 digit date codes on the bottoms.

You might get a probe and stab (carefully!) that place and see what'cha really have there.

"Digging up the past - one bottle at a time since 1969"

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