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Originally Posted by Huckleberry View post
..... giving the school the authority to allow or disallow as deemed fit... ....
Huckleberry, are you aware that everything you're saying and citing can equally be said of parks ? That: Park's people ALSO have the latitude to permit or deny whatever they-see-fit, for the smooth operation of parks. So we don't disagree that public grounds (whether they be parks or schools or forests or beaches) ... yes... have duly-appointed over-seers to maintain law & order. And as I recall, you're on record as agreeing with me re.: parks and "look up rules for-oneself", eh ?

So, for example, a park's ranger can indeed come tell you to "turn down the boom box volume" (if they felt it was bothering your neighbor's camping ). But , as you can see, this did not require that you had to have their prior permission ahead of time , to listen to your boombox. It just means they have latitude to come out and keep order as they see fit. NOT that you need preemptive permission to step foot there, etc.....

There is probably similar wording for CA schools too (and every other type public land). And yes, I'm being friendly. This is strictly an intellectual pro/con discussion.
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