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Originally Posted by woodbutcher View post
I agree with you on coins donít always sink far..I just dug a 1899 barber dime at maybe 3 inches,and a v nickel at maybe one inch,just under the grass.
right! makes ya wonder WHY we don't find a lot of stuff anymore! in new england,and been hunting for over 35 years.gotta tell ya, just about ALL my stuff
was found at the 5" to surface levels ,and this includes all 6 states.what does this indicate? indicates that even in the late 70's right up to the present day,ALL
detectors could get down to these levels,soooo therefore the available depth WAS sufficient, as any and all these detectors would have detected deeper beginning with THAT time period. it explains why sites have dried up over time, at least "here in new england!" stuff was already found down to those depth levels, and anything left is hiding in the "!!!!!" your mileage may vary in other parts of the country, but i suspect the search ranges are similar! ..just sayin'

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