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Congrats on the fun hunt, Josh! I remember the first time I came across another detectorist (aside from my own brothers, Wolf-Dog & Torpedo) - it was pretty exciting, so I can imagine how you must have felt that day.

Originally Posted by Tom_in_CA View post
The word (if google/wiki is to be trusted) has its origins in eastern religion/philosophy. So that alone can bug some of us westerners. Who have world-view differences. But ... heck.... it doesn't matter WHAT the origin of *that* particular word is, it still just reeks of an implication that: There is something outside of ourselves . That/who is "sorting out deeds", blah blah. And we simply *can't go there*. Right ? I get it.

And even if we subscribe to strict physicalism, then : Someone could still try to say the pithy saying : "What comes around goes around". But even that isn't actually true. Because persons who refuse to help, never contribute, etc... and simply take-advantage of other's hospitalities and handouts, actually DO QUITE FINE. So ironically : Selfishness and greed actually aid: ALL THE MORE to: "Get your genes into the next generation". Right ?

I had this debate with a close md'ing buddy of mine. He questioned why I would take newbies to spots that we busted our balls to research and find. He'd ask something like: "Since when have they showed US sites?" As if, he was unwilling to befriend a fellow md'r, unless *they first* showed us some producing sites. Otherwise, they'd potentially just be one-way-leeches . Or that there would be "less goodies for us".

At first, my feeble defense was to say that : "In the future, they're likely to reciprocate." (ie.: karma, if you want to call it that). But then one day I came to my senses and realized: "Wait !!?? Is that what it's all about ? Is all our acts of kindness SIMPLY because we 'expect something in return?' " . Or is it possible (just maybe) that you do something kind for another person, with no expectation of payment/reciprocation ?

For example: If you help a little old lady across the street, are you doing so because you expect her to give you $10 ? Or maybe, just maybe, might get zero recognition, zero pay, etc.... ?

So the point is: Even if this silly Karma term were untrue (and you will simply be spit upon, in return) : SO WHAT ! If the point of life is to always "avoid being spit on" (and/or to "maximize our own wealth"), then sure: Don't ever share. Don't ever expend your energy to help others, etc....

If all we exist for, is to "get our genes into the next generation", then yes: We should all do *only* what "benefits us". Think about it.
Wow, it's been interesting to read some different views held by our members! Prior to joining FMDF, I don't think I'd realized how many Americans talk about "karma," which, as Tom noted, is rooted in Eastern religions. So I did some research on it. From what I've gathered, "karma" is a belief in a mystical force which is said to reward both evil & good actions accordingly. It's the Hindu teaching that one's actions in life determine one's fate in the next (or in the broad sense, one's future). I've definitely noticed this term is used frequently here on FMDF, especially on threads about metal detecting return stories. Anyway, then there are those here on this forum who disbelieve karma, but may believe in "luck" or "coincidence" - views which I think are more prevalent in American society. And then there are people like me, who don't believe in karma, luck, or coincidence at all - instead, I believe that my Creator (the God of the Bible) has wisely & lovingly planned everything that happens to me, and that, according to Romans 8:28, God works out everything for the ultimate good of those who place their faith in Jesus Christ alone (in His death for us & resurrection). So another way to look at life's situations is "God's providence." I will admit that this view clashes with the theory of karma (karma teaches that our works determine our destiny, while the Bible acknowledges that all our "good works" are filthy in the eyes of a holy God & that no amount of them can change our destiny - only trusting in Christ's finished work can do that), and it also leaves no room for luck or coincidence.

I'm no philosopher, but what I noticed is that, no matter which view you believe, it takes a level of faith. You know what I mean? It takes faith for someone to decide they think there's something out there which somehow rewards all the good & bad they do. On the other hand, it takes faith to say that everything that happens - all the good & beautiful & remarkably complex situations - are just chance, that they somehow came to exist on their own. And while, to me, it makes the most sense to believe that God is in control, I'll be the first to agree that it takes faith in God to choose to turn your life over to Him & trust Him, (though if you ask me, that's the best thing ever! ). Well, anyway, thanks to those of you who've also expressed your opinions here...

... and thanks, Josh, for bearing with me as I participated in this "thread-jack!"


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