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Default How many? Cleaning and reusing items

I was just wondering if any of you cleaned and reused or make crafts out of your finds? I would only do this with non historically relevant items while preserving the.

I have pulled up old bricks and large pieces of iron which I cleaned, coated, and epoxied to tiles for keepsakes for the owners. I usually date and but the location on them as well. Makes for a neat paper weight or shelf item to show some history. I will also coat some old iron with Rustoleum and use as door stops. I made this keychain last week after digging up an old copper (or bronze...not good at iding metal yet) ring that looks like you would tie a horse to it or would be on some horse related gear.

Copperish ring center top- Cleaned with wire brush, used a little brasso, then clear coat of rustoleum.

Made into keychain. I took a wine cork and tossed some eye loops in each end with epoxy and bent around ring.

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