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That's a plus for the AT Pro, if there is another detector causing interference you can switch your frequency..

Originally Posted by Paul Dport View post
A better survey would be ~~
not as much the brand/make of detector. The funds available ~~what is affordable ~~ the cost of the machine . Nice to have a birthday, fathers day or any gift day due. Another grass mowing job maybe.
A lot depends on what type hunting to be done too.
There are some lucky enough to find a good used unit, then hi-grade later. An estate seller said they almost always went first.

My advice is buy the best You can afford. I have always used White's, but who is to say/know the best?
What is the best car or camera?
If a body don't think His/hers is the best~~might be ready for a change. It helps to have faith in what You have.

The beginner with lots of money often times ends up with a machine that has lots of features, knobs and adjustments ~~that is very hard to learn. Then lose interest because of finding too much (mostly junk).
I have an extra detector that when I ask permission to search ~~I offer them to use it ~~(keeps them from My shoulder) ~~at times they want to use Mine cause stuff they are finding is junk". (uncirculated nails)
The turn on and go are good for starters.
The CD for the one being used seems to be helpful. Learn how to use the one You have. Good headphones a must.
Your own yard is good place to learn. Cut the hinge plug, lay dirt on a piece of plastic to place dirt back in the hole. Pin pointers good helpers.

I like long plastic sacks to keep My knees dry and clean.
(produce sacks from grocery or even bread sacks with the bottom cut)
I have had folks tell Me that there is, "no metal in my YARD". Seems to be metal everywhere I have ever been.

Also some will not work close to another esp of same brand.
I once was in a competion hunt and could hardly hunt when another White's user came close. I could hear them when coming within range (close).

"Praise " its time to get them batteries and the tough to get going.
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