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Originally Posted by Mottz View post
I started a club in my area earlier this year with the help of a couple members on here. Is it going like I wanted? Not quite but I am still happy with it. I had the vision of 20 people and seeded hunts and all that. There are quite a few members, some that aren't in the immediate area, and others that are busy a lot, but it is nice to have the contact with everyone who detects. With my club, we have had a meeting the first Sunday of every month. Nothing big, just talk about finds and permissions and so on. We pick a place to have the meeting and after the initial bs'n, we all detect together. We did get a name and t-shirts, and I do have a club Facebook page. That helps get the interest of others in the area. As far as dues and stuff, there is nothing right now. It all takes financing and true group commitment to pull something like that off. Until the group is established, I think that the one group hunt/meeting a month is good. Always that option to detect with members any other time also. My advice, start the club and see where it goes. Take criticism and ideas and make them work. It's all about getting together with others in your area and having a good time. If enough interest is there from others, then kick it up a notch. Go for it and good luck![/QUOT

What is your club called ?
South Central Nebraska Metal Detecting Club. Awesome name huh?

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