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I cashed in a bucket of change the other day and then bought all the halves the bank had. A 1971 looks like 40% silver and in very nice condition and is slightly struck off center. I took into a coin shop and he Xrayed it and it shows 44% CU and 56% NI I had two other 71 halves in my pocket and they both read 75% CU and 25% NI a magnet is attracted to this coin. His best guess it that it is a planchment from a foreign most likely the Philippines or Panama He told me that the US mints strike coins for other countries and one of their blanks must have been left in the hopper. I did not know the US mints strike coins for other countries?

Do you think it is worth sending in? I have looked in to two of the grading places and they both require a membership.
I did buy a membership to NGC but have not sent it in as the form looks complicated and none of the multiple choice boxes fit this coin. The xraye also revealed that it was 2% gold and you can see a gold hue to it. I also included a photo of it in between two other 71D halves. It is in pretty good shape with little wear.
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