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Originally Posted by Metal detecto View post
ML vs. Garrett, here, huh?

I don't care which detectors better. In these "ABC detector vs. XYZ detector" reads, I'm pretty sure I made myself clear.

I'm gonna say this again.

"I think all detectors are good as long as they have detecting in mind."

Apex will never be a Equinox.

But this doesn't mean it's not good. Is it AS GOOD as the Nox? Never. Is it half the price? Yes.

And about the "Garrett said Apex is going for nox" thing, not in any official garrett articals Ive read. If someone does have proof, please PM me it.

I'll edit my point of veiw as I may be biased to ML (by majority of my detectors being ML made)

You make some good points in your post. The only problem I see is that the APEX is not half the price of the Equinox 600. Until July 31st, anyone can buy an Equinox 600 bundle deal with wireless headphones for $150 more than the APEX with wireless headphones....... I know which deal I would take and recommend to anyone unless they just have to buy a Garrett APEX because they want to support Garrett (absolutely nothing wrong with that) or they just don't have $649.

So, was Garrett going after the Equinox 600 market with the release of the APEX......definitely. Is there any question in my mind about which one of those two I would pick as far as overall features and performance. No!

The same can be said for the Vanquish 540 Pro Pack vs the current bundled deal on the Equinox 600 for $150 more. They are not even remotely close feature, adjustability and performance wise once a person moves on from very basic detecting.

So, if all a person wants to do is very basic, dry or wet sand beach or basic turf hunting the APEX and Vanquish models are absolutely fantastic entry level SMF detector choices.

If you want more from a detector.......hopefully Nokta Makro's SMF will provide that within the already outstanding Simplex platform.

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