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So I've been at electrolysis a few years now so I'll try to help you out.

First, I made a thread here with a few details and photos of my setup.

Second, your questions:
That plug will turn your AC into 5v/2.5amp DC. It will also run very slow for larger items. Most guys using those are for tiny things like jewelry, coins, utensils, etc. Some of those charges may also have fault switches built in where they turn off if they detect a short. That's why I use a bench generator and it also let's me dial in the current I want.

The alligator clips won't change the turnout of your process. Just make sure you get something that makes good contact with your metals in the water. I buy some heavier duty ones (in my link) from home depot.

As far as 'toxic', this process should be done where you have good ventilation. The process does produce mild gases and you would leave the garage door open or at least run wires outside (like my images) and leave your tank outdoors.

As far as brine, I use Arm and Hammer Washing Soda. Only because the guide I followed used it when I first started. You make the brine because it helps the current flow through the water between your metals. The amount, I just use what looks good. I used to measure it, but now I don't. In my link you'll see my bucket, I throw about a cup into warm water, stir until dissolved, then drop my piece in and turn it all on. If I use a larger container I'll throw more in. While I'm moving it I just make sure the water gets nice and cloudy and it's all dissolved to know I have enough.

Anymore questions let me know. I can grab more photo examples if you need anything.
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