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I would pin that round as a .22 BB cap, unless Voriax is correct and it is indeed 6mm instead of .22 caliber.

BB cap is a Bulleted Breach Cap, also often called CB or Conical Ball cap because most of the time the cap is the only propellant- gunpowder is not used - this similarity in terms often confuses this round with the term "ball and cap" FXDiz is correct in that "ball and cap" refers to muzzle loader ammunition, and all cartridges are breach fed. And there is truth to the "ball" ammo as well. Perhaps this type of round would be more accurately shortened "ball cap" ammo? just forget the "and" part or it gets into different territory... and now that I think of it, a "ball cap" would be a NY yankees hat... glorious English language we have here.

some .22 bb (or CB) cap pics:

L to right .22 BB cap, .22 short, .22 long

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