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Originally Posted by FXDiz View post
It's not a cap and ball. I have a couple of cap and ball pistols and a cap and ball rifle.

Perhaps you don't know that the US Military still calls some rifle bullets by the name "Ball." A full metal jacket is ball ammunition as opposed to tracer or incendiary. So in this case the term cap and ball simply means that if there is any powder in the case, it's not much more than the primer or cap, and the bullet is called a ball.
I'm not sure you directed this toward me but since you quoted my post, I believe it was. I retired from the Navy in 2005 with 30 years of service. Among other things, I was a certified range coach and qualified with every small arm the Navy had at the time, and then some. So yes, I know what ball ammunition is … and tracer and incendiary and explosive and a few others you may not be aware of ... I also know that the round in question is not properly called a cap and ball. It’s a cartridge round regardless of the amount of powder in the case or the shape of the projectile (or the fact that the military calls FMJ ball ammunition). If your post was not directed toward me and just for information purposes, then I humbly apologize for this tirade. To all others in the forum reading this, I do apologize for being a bit unfriendly in this case.

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