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Originally Posted by matthewc61 View post
Wow , that may be it, do you think this would be from the early days or modern?
As as youngster we used to sneak out into the old train yard. Multiple tracks, old roundhouse, outbuildings etc. got into all kinds of fun mischief. Found lots of insulators and bottles while prowling up and down the tracks. I can recall seeing worn out discarded brake shoes that looked similar. Iím sure the f32 is for identification. Iíve read about ďF26Ē valves in association with train brakes. Shoe probably had to be appropriate for the pressure output from whatever valve was applying pressure, perhaps that shoe was for an F32 valve brake position. I donít think the brake shoe design has changed much. Thatís all I have to offer on it. Canít really help you on the date, but I expect a little research on the matter of the f32 will give you an answer.
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