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Default July turned out fairly decent

Kinda a busy month. First few pics is a gold filled bangle bracelet, sterling dog pin, old sterling necklace and an Australian coin bracelet, with one of the coins being silver. I changed out the center with a sterling heart and it looks much better. Then I found a cool copper bracelet and a sterling charm bracelet with the charms. The bracelet I've already sold. Also this month I found yet another pair of 10kt. studs (no diamond) maybe white sapphire or topaz. Then online I found the top ring, I've wanted for quite sometime and at a fraction of the cost (YEAH)!! 1920s wedding band..still looking for a platinum one. Also online I found this seated liberty love token with my daddy's initials, I figured I'd probably never find one and it was cheap so why not. Next is a star ruby tie tac. Prongs come up gold. Then I found a sterling beaded necklace. Odd they used a regular necklace and put the beads thru it. The cross I believe was from a rosary. Here's the funny thing, the rope is 10kt and the cross is maybe 8 kt. And yes people they make 8 kt. Took my jeweler some fiddling around but finally came to that conclusion. And the last pic is why I collect this type of ring, they just look so dang cool😁, the top ring with the small diamonds I just got the other day, about the 1/3 of what they normally go for. On a crappy note my medical issues are continuing. My knee is really quite good. I had 2 options, live with it and see how it goes or micro surgery. I chose the first for now because it does feel pretty descent. Now my back on the other hand is a mess. I've started having pain quite regularly and can't turn in bed without almost screaming so that means almost no sleep. Having 2 more MRIs done, one for the neck and the other for my back again. Gotta say thus guy was aces in my book, explained everything thoroughly. And if it calls for surgery I'm going for it...I WANT MY LIFE BACK!!!! My husband had his surgery in Jan. and he is sooo much better. So anyway I'll keep ya all posted on what's what. HH all, and stay safe!!
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