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Default Cleaning a die clashed dime

I know that this is likely a futile endeavor and a dumb question, but I found a 1973D Rosie MDing a few days back and it exhibits (what I think) is rather pronounced die clashing as I was able to tell that something was wrong/different with the coin without having to use a loupe or magnifying glass.

However, as this find came from the ground and not from circulated coins, it is stained/tarnished. I doubt that it is worth a great deal of money, but I would like to see if I can get someone interested in purchasing it. This said, without causing damage to the coin or using cleaning methods that would degrade any potential value the coin may have, is there a way to spiff this dime up at all? Or should I just leave well alone and see what (if anything) I can get for it? The first pic is without adjustments. The pics after it have been altered a bit and are not completely true color.

Thanks for looking, HH!
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