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Originally Posted by lostcoast View post
My understanding is that it is generally legal and perfectly fine to detect on BLM/National Forest lands as long as it's not considered historic, and you are not looking for anything that is over 50 years old as they are legally considered to be historical artifacts.......
You are correct. Thus yes, you are looking for modern coins, or nuggets, or meteorites, or the ring your wife lost last week there.

As for the 50 yr. thing, how good is your math ? My math is horrible. But I suppose if someone's math is good, and they're worried silly, the solution is simple : If you find a 1969 penny or dime, simply re-insert that/those coins back in to the ground. Problem solved.

Originally Posted by lostcoast View post
... Though I have a feeling the local office would be pretty amused if you called them every time you found a 1969 penny or such.
Yup. And people turning in pennies/dimes would be the FASTEST way to get a bunch of people (who probably don't care, nor would ever have cared), to all of the sudden "care". And then I bet that new rules and laws would go into effect ASAP.

And then we would all sit around and lament the new rules and lack of freedoms. So the solution is simple : You do not go in parading those 1969 pennies. If the reality is that : They don't care, fine then : I don't care either. Problem solved.
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