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Originally Posted by GroundSweeper View post
Beautiful picture and amazing hunting, congrats!!!
Thanks GS, I sent this to one of my hunting buddies and he said "hey you should post this, It's an awesome pic" so I did.

Originally Posted by Brewser View post
Thats a great wedge of silver. Congrats .
Thanks Brewser, I hope I can keep adding to the pile, it's getting tough though, I went today and got skunked, just one wheat and some clad.

Originally Posted by Bajanick View post
Very nice silver count. Keep hitting it until the silver dries up, then invest in a larger coil and go back.
Thanks Bajanick, I do have a big coil for my Max and have done very well with it. Right now I'm just having too much fun with my Nox, and hard to pry it out of my fingers.
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