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Default permit

I live out on the island and metal detect beaches and any accessible water I can legally enter. In the off season, after labor day, it is possible to park at any public beach and go detecting in the sand. I go from Nassau County out into the Hamptons, where in the summer it is a $150 parking ticket.

You only need a permit for NY state parks. However, my brother goes to Jones Beach all the time and has never been asked to show his (which he never got). He only saw one guy checked and it may have been because he was in near the people where it was still crowded at that time of day.

I checked the town ordinances for all the towns and municipalities where I have detected and never have found metal detecting mentioned anywhere. I just checked Long Beach City code and put in the search word "metal". No hits for metal detecting. All these town codes appear nearly identical and the only hit for metal will be reference a scrapyard or something similar.

Detect and have a good time.
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