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Originally Posted by pjcd View post
I don't think any place is a waste of time, sometimes you just never know. Give it the once over and see what happens.
You know I've made at least half dozen nice finds walking off the park or school onto a path through the woods. Once went away from the park and quarter mile up a trail and just walked and spot checked small areas here n there. Hit a 5 foot bank off the trail, walked up the awkward neck high rise to hit the top because I was attracted to the beautiful emerald color moss atop the hump. Got one of the sweetest, clean hits and carefully sliced into that pretty moss 2 inches with the lesche knife. The shiny glistening 1964 Kennedy half, my first, came out a that mossy hump. Another time almost slipping and stumbling down a bank toward a little Creek. Dug a nice ornate Sterling cross! And more times similar finds off paths in woods, along stone walls, rings, colonial flat button and cool bullets. All with no research or plan. Your correct, you just don't know sometimes.

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