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Default WW2 Army Dogtag Service numbers

Army Serial Numbers (ASN) are part of an official designation, and will appear in every military record, in which the name of the holder appears, i.e. in all documents so, special care should be taken that the correct ASN be used at all times, since certain records are filed this way, and payments and/or allowances are often settled by Army Serial Number, and not by name it is always used by servicemen.

We offer a Army Serial Number Generator to create an authentic ASN that uses the guidelines laid out below.

Regular Army (1940): start with digit 1, followed by a second digit (indicating Corps Area/Service Cd) (there were 9 Corps Area for military administrative purposes, and 4 Army Areas for strategic military purposes) 11130295, 13176244, 14130598, 16087357, 19005129

National Guard (1940): start with digits 20, followed by a third digit (indicating Corps Area/Service Cd) 20417243, 20468791, 20651726, 20900697, 20906536

Draftees (1940): start with digit 3, followed by a second digit (indicating Corps Area/Service Cd) 31130734, 31240869, 34834714, 35388430, 39407665 (these were draftees called up the Selective Training & Service Act)

Commissioned Officers (1921): start with prefix O, followed by hyphen + series of 1 > 6, even 7 digits (1921 box includes 1 to 99,999 1940 box starts with 23,000) O-57, O-742, O-3822, O-777657, O-1170276

Warrant Officers (1942): start with prefix W, followed or not by hyphen + series of 7 digits, starting with 21 such as W 2101199, W-2118310, W-2129700, W 2125908, W 2133860 (while most ID Tags start with first digits 21, other show different numbers, such as W-92186, W 901800, most probably Officers already commissioned between the war years, 1920-1930)

Flight Officers (1942): start with prefix T, followed by a series of digits T-80, T 1846, T-6367, T-136265, T 223076

Army Specialist Corps (1942): start with prefix S, followed by a series of digits S 1038451

Army Nurse Corps (1921): start with prefix N, followed by a series of 6 digits (box with group of 700.000) N 702927, N-782136, N 795100, N-795163

Hospital Dietitian + Physical Therapist (1942): HD start with prefix R, while PT start with prefix M, followed by a series of digits R or M

Contract Surgeon (1941): start with prefix CS, followed by a series of digits CS

WAC (1943): start with prefix L (officer) L-918042, A (soldier) A-205333 and V (W.O.) V-704827, followed by a series of 6 digits, of which the first indicated the Service

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