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Originally Posted by longbow62 View post
I did not get the HF coil. Just the standard 9" coil. So far it's been very frustrating! It's the hardest machine to decipher what it's telling me I've ever used.

I hunt places mixed with iron and non-ferrous trash a lot. I'm totally lost figuring out what's what with the Deus. I can pull out the Equinox in the same places Park2, 5 tones, 0 iron bias, recovery 5-6, Horse shoe engaged, and never have an issue finding coins and telling trash from good targets. Unless I'm trying for nickels I dig very little trash.

In my yard on buried coins the Deus is no problem and it's deep. This detector is going to take some time to get used to.
Hey longbow, I was a little more than frustrated first learning the Deus too. But I did and itís a great machine. One thing I like about the Deus,is the audio gain. That feature Iíve e only found on fbs and Xp Deus,And itís really important to me anyway. I like to run it at at least 5,mostly 6.. To me the Deeper targets on the Deus and most Makro machines sound stretched,and itís hard to decipher. Jack that audio gain up and good deep targets are very prominent sounding and it cuts down on a lot of time . I ran basic 1 and still do 90 percent of the time. Just a tweak here and there. Remember, the Deus is a relic machine first, and imo 8 out of the 10 presets are geared towards that type of hunting. But the basic 1 imo is the best coin program,I keep reactivity at 2, and audio gain at 6. Good luck,great machine and very very deep
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