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Default Anyone ever find one this small?

Never found a crotall bell this small before. It’s almost exactly the same as a quarter. Also found these fishing weights. They look different to me. anyone know if they’re common?Name:  D5D070EF-13E0-4083-A908-89122AEBC662.jpeg
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Name:  CA90C39C-22F9-4B58-BB2C-F983740B57EB.jpeg
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Name:  94A823F7-D822-4044-A2F1-FC345924C984.jpeg
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Name:  F496C7F6-3B55-47F0-A27A-03F924ACC5DF.jpeg
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AT PRO, 20 Large cents ,Nova ,, Barber Half, 1833 Hard Times token ,"American Digger",oldest-1719 half penny,1730's one Reale Virginia half penny, couple of two centers
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