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Originally Posted by tinsmith View post
.... How they killed it in the 70's and 80's. .....
I realize there was some "forward thinking" individuals who A) had the latest-greatest machines of that era, and B) Had the foresight to go to hair-raising virgin sites . Thus , yes, you hear occasional stories of the "first ones to hit New York's old town parks, and dig so-many IH's that they got sick of them. Or the first persons who ever hit at the base of concession stands, and/or underneath carnival rides, etc.....

But believe it or not, the vast majority of hunters in the 1970s and '80s were simply plying the school yards for common silver. I distinctly recall (as a teenager in the 1970s) being happy to come home with a silver dime or two. And despite my area being "filled with virgin sites" at the time (stage stops that no one had ever hit), yet .... we simply didn't have that mind-set. Perhaps some others did. But the vast majority of people I saw/met, were simply angling for silver roosies, mercs, washingtons, etc....

When I look back on it, I KICK MYSELF for not having gotten hard-core, back when no one else was doing it. I even recall going to a certain stage stop area, and digging several rimfires, lead-globs, a pistol ball, etc.... And thinking "this sucks". (Because I hadn't immediately bagged any coins). So I quit the spot, and went into town to hunt the school yard (where I could be assured to get a silver dime, if I wanted). It wasn't till ~20 yrs. later (after I'd progressed through the ranks to hardcore) that I returned to the site, and spent hours dealing with those pesky rimfires, pistol balls, etc.... that I began to get reales and early seateds.

And even those persons who had "wised up" and were hunting virgin ghost towns back then in the late 1960s to mid 1970s: Don't forget that they were swinging dinosaurs. So ... a typical day might be a single seated dime or whatever. Because they struggled to get a few inches deep, and had no form of disc, etc.... Then 30 yrs. later, the tallies are STILL THE SAME AT THE SAME SPOTS : you "struggle to get a single seated". Doh !
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