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Originally Posted by CTpilgrim View post
Hello all. I am from Connecticut and would love a shot at “guiding” a west coast hunter to their quest of finding New England coppers. I’m not trying to sound cocky but I have been very successful in pulling big pennies out and would love to spread the wealth!
What an un-usual post ! Kind of like how the British hunters have welcomed USA tourists to come experience their potential .

Pity the poor west coast hunter who doesn't have sand-boxes brimming with British Roman coins, LC's, colonial coppers, etc.... ? We have utterly no hospitality to offer anyone. Unless you wanna come experience the thrill of endless S mint wheaties ?

I know we have a reputation for better odds at gold coins, but .... sheesk, even me, at 16 gold coins so far, PALES in comparison to the east coast guys who'll get 16 LC's and coppers in a single month. So it's not like something we can offer "guided tours " for that

PS: I hate, just hate your casual pix of "2 LC's" found "just last Sunday" pictures. Sick sick sick
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