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Thanks MetalsGuy and Yell-X!

I forgot to mention in this thread that I always hunt in zero mode with iron audio on so I can hear the iron grunts and know that there's something down there. I've gotten so used to this mode, I haven't even tried any of the discrimination modes. I've gotten used to this setup. Maybe that's a bad idea? Part of the reason I did this is because in trashy areas the sound would seem to briefly cut out like it does when discrimination is on but its off. For lack of a better term, I'll call it a hiccup. So I'll hear hiccup-grunt-hiccup. Or sometimes hiccup-hightone-grunt. I don't seem to run into that situation so much anymore, maybe because I switched to the 5x8 ripper coil and I've learned to slow my swing speed.

Anyway, I think the real issue is that after reading so many threads on how wonderful such and such a machine is compared to all the others (and hardly anyone mentions the Apex), and seeing so many videos where they dig one great find after another and all I get is trash, I was starting to doubt both myself and the Apex. I think I'm over that now. I just need to get out there and start swinging more often and in more varied areas.

I guess I only have two questions left: a) I've read some posts in the past that implied that the Apex would give some clues about the size of a target by the volume of the sound, but I haven't noticed that, nor do I see any mention of that feature in the manual. Is this true?

b) What does it mean when I get a relatively high tone / vdi when I swing one way over a target, and a lower tone/vdi when I swing back the other way? And again as I mentioned in a previous post, sometimes the more I swing over the object the higher the number goes as if the Apex was deciding that maybe it's better than it originally "thought"?

Finally I throw in an observation that might help other Apex users: On the beach I noticed a definite pattern where the Apex would omit two very short high-tone beeps - these were *always* pulltabs. My hypothesis is that the Apex is sensing first one side of the pull-ring, then the other. For some reason, this doesn't seem to happen as consistently on the farm. My guess is because the soil - who am I kidding? the clay - is so mineralized at the farm that the machine doesn't see the different parts of the pulltab as easily.

Anyway thanks for putting up with my long posts and musings!

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