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Originally Posted by RgnFn View post
... but then I think, well no, they will generally all "see" the metal equally well (given the same size coil), the difference between one machine and another is in how well they help you interpret what's there. Am I wrong? I'm hoping that if I learn the Apex better, I'll be just as productive with it than I would be with, say a Legend or a nox.
I think you are right on with this statement. You really need to learn what your machine is telling you. I, too, have an Apex and haven't chimed in because I am also new in this area. I have hit several locations but mostly my trashy backyard at this point.

Because you didn't really say, I'll offer a few thoughts of mine. You are aware that you can adjust the iron volume, right? I have mine at zero and yet, I still find some iron. I think that's a size thing where the machine is trying to identify a item of potential interest based on the size, but I could be wrong. I have my screen set to "Relics," which basically blocks out the lower (mostly iron) signals. It should pick up gold and nickel, I believe, and I am staying with the MF mode for now.

If I am trying to be a little selective in what I dig, I will go back and forth over a signal, sometimes changing the direction of swing by 90 degrees. If I don't get a good and similar signal on both the forward and back swings, I might not dig it. If I get a 70 (for instance) on the forward swing, I want to see about the same 70 coming back or it's likely junk. I still dig a lot of that!

I don't think I can really pass along any other thoughts because I still have not found any silver or gold. Seems like I find a lot of copper, can you say pennies, and aluminum is a PITA! Pretty sure the guy who lived here before us worked for an aluminum company in the Pittsburgh area, and he had so much around that he used it for fill. Lucky me!!

Good luck to you, and sorry I can't be of more help.
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