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Thanks everyone for the replies so far. I'm definitely still learning and am eager to learn from other Apex users. While I've managed to get some time in, it's all been at at a couple of sites, so I realize that part of the answer is to try out different sites.

I keep hearing folks touting one wonderful machine versus another, and I sometimes wonder if I should have gone with one of the higher end machines, but then I think, well no, they will generally all "see" the metal equally well (given the same size coil), the difference between one machine and another is in how well they help you interpret what's there. Am I wrong? I'm hoping that if I learn the Apex better, I'll be just as productive with it than I would be with, say a Legend or a nox.

Along those lines, I'd appreciate any links to videos where you can hear the tones and see the VDI and see what they dig up. I found this one from NQExporers to be helpful:

>>Where's Monte? This is up his alley.<< Monte's exactly one of the one's I was hoping would jump in on this!

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