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Originally Posted by Scg4090 View post
I have an apex and keep digging aluminum that's showing 78-80. Most seems to show in the 45-48 range, but some cans/scrap rings up around 80 for some reason. Still in the 78-80 range on the surface as well. Not sure what to do really. I'm only a few weeks into this hobby so lots of learning to do. Need those tips and advice as well.
There is no magic secret in telling the difference between trash and treasure. Only experience will help you learn. You have a lot of old areas in Lanc County so I would look for permissions on old farms. Farm fields are a good place to find old coins. If you would like any help, I am North of Lebanon and would be glad to assist, once the ground is not rock hard dry. Right now streams are the only places you can realistically hunt.


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