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Originally Posted by EmuDetector View post
Good finds! Maybe we need a post your bones thread, I come across skulls and bones pretty often in my woods.
Well you need to take some pictures! I once found a deer skeleton that some hunter didn't recover. ...lots of turtle shells.

Originally Posted by EmuDetector View post
Looks like raccoon
I was thinking that too, but wondered about the front teeth.

Originally Posted by partyofone View post
Itís a red fox. The upper canines are missing. I have another one from a fox I shot years ago. I also have a coyote skull.
Thank you. The missing canines make it hard to guess, but it is a nice skull.

Originally Posted by GroundSweeper View post
Sweet shed! I found one decades ago while on a field trip for a forestry class everyone walked over it (I was always in the back) and I brought it home. Nickel in the pic for attempt at scale. Love it.

Years earlier, wondering out in the high desert of southeast AZ, found the hispid cotton rat skull under a creosote bush, found the coyote skull in the same area but further out.

Also have a cow skull found in a wash on the creek/road out to what used to be family homestead. Will have to get a pic later as itís out hanging on the shed...
Nice shed and nice coyote skull. Have never seen a snake skull before, would imagine that would be rather delicate.

Penny from WV. I'm a wife, mother and grandmother. Gods blessings to all and happy hunting!

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