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Originally Posted by Ronald68 View post
Thanks for looking JAK and Groundsweeper! Groundsweeper, it would definitely hit on any of those programs. One problem Iíve had out back is that my father in law who we bought this place from is a retired plumber. He cut up copper pipes, left brass scraps and metal fittings of all sorts all over out back. The previous owners before him lived here from the early 1900ís up to the early 90ís. A lot of scrap plumbing pieces and old square nails and such. The programs I used didnít fix all those scrap hits. I dug this one today in an area I have been over and probably dismissed this signal thinking it was another chunk of copper pipe or aluminum sheet metal scrap etc... guess Iíll have to revisit some spots on the property and recheck them!
ďRetired plumberĒ..... Thatís not good. In fact, maybe on par with a guy who repaired small engines... That has GOT to be a MESS! Some nice finds so far though, gotta be more!

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