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Originally Posted by stryder222 View post
Hey guys, a newbie here, and I am considering buying a beach detector to play with when I'm at the beach living in Colombia for a few months. Is there anyone down there now, or anyone who has done any detecting while there previously? Not sure if it's worth bothering with bringing one there.
Thanks, BK
Not sure if this guy still active , but his email is posted on his visitor page. The best way to reach me is my email About ColombiaSouthAm
I live most of the year in my home in Medellin, Colombia and the other half in Los Angeles, CA.
Medellin, Colombia
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Garrett ATX me is my email

Fisher F4 , Bountyhunter Treker IV ,BH discovery 3300, Whites TRX pinpointer, finds mostly clad nothing worth posting , just retired at the end of 2017 ,so hope I can spend a lot more time detecting in the future. Collect Philippines coins as a hobby

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