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Originally Posted by jack&jill View post
In my five years of Metal Detecting I have had a few very nice hunts with some pretty neat finds. Today's hunt in my mind is the best of all. I have been waiting to hunt the grounds of this site since I first got permission back in February. This site is the Church/School that was purchased in 1959 by the father of the current owner. It was first built in 1851 as a Church and then also used as a school from the 1860's until 1949. A new Church was built in 1950 and this then became the town hall until the sale. What was the play yard, Sunday social and community gathering location was converted to a farm field and maintained that way til present. The man that farms this site hunted again with me using my AT Pro as he did when we hunted around the building. He had harvested, plowed and raked the field along with cutting brush from the adjoining woods that abut the field. Well between the 2 of us we pulled 11 Silver coins, 3 Indians, a V Nickel (His not mine) and a pile of Wheat's. My coins include a Silver Dime Trifecta with 1907 and 08 Barber's. 3 Merc's and a Rosie. A 1929 SLQ and 2 Morgan Silver Dollars. These two coins were only about 4 inches deep and about 8 inches apart next to the biggest tree on the fields edge. the Morgan's are a 1884O and a 1902. I scratched the 1884 slightly. I did also pull a Penny trifecta with the newest coin dug being a 1959 Memorial. The Indians are 1902 and 1904. I have not dated any of the Wheat's. Besides the 1906 V, my hunting companion dug a 1911 Barber Dime and a 1930 SLQ. His Indian was 1887. My 9 Silvers now have me at 158 FTY. I hope you all agree with me as this being a qualified eye popper mind blowing find. Jack
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