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Originally Posted by Soil Surgeon View post
Holy Ravioli !!! That was some incredible hunt .Belated Super Congrats !

The thread was cool to see . A lot of folks who you don't see posting anymore and some interesting avatars .Time marches on .

The photo of those coins just takes one's breath away .
I so appreciate your reply Doc. thank you. While this did take place a while back it was a significant part of my development in this hobby. It was at a time my eyes were really opened to door knocking. The Dime trifecta was so overlooked because of the two Morgans but then again it was two Morgans. This hunt will always be held in a special place for me. Hope it still is impressive to all the new detectionist in our hobby.
Originally Posted by zeemang View post
Amazing hunt, i am always surprised when people post morgans. Those are so big I figured the folks would hear that thing hit the ground when they lost them!
First Zee thank you for your reply. I hold the opinion that these two big coins were lost at the same time in a rush movement. The site was a place that picnics took place often. Under a huge Oak that provided shade along with cover and at the edge of large play area (ball yard) of a social gathering site. I think this happening took place a bit after dark in a little panic as a young gent grabbed his britches losing the contents of the pockets at the time. My evidence for this is the land owner dug a 3 merry widows tin at the base of that Oak. So that's my story when I'm asked how they got there. Trapper

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