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Default February is lean, but still got silver.

Well, February has contained some lean boxes, if one only considers their silver content....this week it was box 2 that yielded the only silver...a 1967 40%Ag Ken, but KT also came across 24 NIFCs to add to His Royal Tube Collection for the year...completing another roll. Now 2002 and 2018 are finished with 20 coins each. And of course KT never turns down a decent looking Proof, two this week, both clad. Finally there was a nice clean 1987 Ken...that makes 2 for the year now!

No pics this week as everyone has seen pics of all these types of coins before.

KT is off to the Royal Bank this morning and then by His Favorite Cafe for the Friday fish plate special of the day!

Best of luck to all the Royal Subjects in the coming week!

BH Tracker IV, Tesoro Compadre, ATPro, Honda Ruckus 49cc (Royal Steed), Tacoma (Royal Chariot)

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