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Originally Posted by GKL View post
Neat new specimens KT !!!!

The green glow one seems somewhat eerie like it is radioactive and from a SciFi movie

The blue glow one makes for a nice contrast to some of the other colors in your collection.

Hey, I am somewhat amazed at some of the events now included in the Olympics like I noticed they have the rock-wall climbing, not that that can't be challenging, but what next ? frisbee golf ? tiddlywinks ? pick-up sticks ? far as the glow rock samples I showed, they are actually made as "glow in the dark" as opposed to merely being fluorescent.

The pictures of the glowing glow stones I posted where taken in the dark without a UV light shining on them, I used the UV Beast flashlight to charge the glow stone samples, but turned the flashlight off before taking the pictures.

I was trying to see if they described the process they used and so far only found this:

.....quote from the above link:

AGT™ glow stones feature a proprietary manufacturing process utilizing the highest loading of Strontium-Aluminate doped with pure Europium (SrAl204) technically possible.
(end quote)

I still have not yet done a long enough outdoor test with the samples to see how long they glow enough to still stand out at night with the ambient light in the area. It is obvious the darker the location they are the more they will stand out.
I suggest you take one, break it and determine if they are coated or solid, can do that easily with a UV light. If coated then that Sr-aluminate is a ceramic coating, otherwise it is a solid chunk of that same material that has been fired.

On that first mineral, you will note when comparing the natural light vs UV light, the dark blue spots on the first picture are the mangapatite, that fluoresce yellowish green.

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