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Maybe JUST MAYBE my gift to Jeff (cellrdwellr) will show up today. Mailed on 12/22 and they said it would arrive on the 28th. I really thought it would have got there in 2 days and that was my fault.

BUT it sat in Detroit for over a week and wouldn't move anywhere. I watched it and watched it and was a bit frustrated. Only because I mailed 650.00 worth of silver out one year to another member and it got LOST. I got the 50.00 insurance and the shipping, but I had to eat 600.00 and that didn't give me a warm fuzzy feeling about the USPS.

For those that like to investigate the tracking number is 9505 5104 5872 0357 0090 29.

I still have not opened his. Hopefully he will get mine today and I can post again later.

Please leave a ring after the beep, Thank you
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