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Tom, thanks for sharing! Just yesterday morning on my way to work I pulled over in front of the old court house as they tore the sidewalk area out at the base of the main steps, I stepped over the yellow tape and detected the small area at 5:30 am. Didnít find a thing but itís a start! Also at another park I laid down and shimmied under a temporary construction fence to detect a turf tear out and found some buffs, wheats, token, old bottle, and a cool skeleton key. Nobody around batted an eye either time.

Iím going to look into what you wrote and see what I can find. Hard to spend $100, BUT a good use for the clad finds!


EQUINOX800, Dos Compadres : 2018 (Total (4/4/13 to date)) - Clad: $181.96 ($823.46), Silver coins: 1 (6), Wheats: 17 (46), Gold: 6 (24), .925 9 (58), Rings: 46 (186), Oldest Coins: 1921 Ten Centavos Filipinas; Chinese cash coin

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